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Maintain Your Momentum to Meet Your Benefit Goals

Now is not the time to take your foot off the gas for your employee benefits strategy. Your employee benefits are an essential part of your competitive compensation packages and you need to maintain your momentum to reach your goals.

You need to look at your benefits policy in a strategic way, aligning them with your company’s mission, adapting and adjusting as needed to achieve the best program for your staff and school.

To do this an in-depth review of what happened in 2021 should take place, so you can plan for 2022 to focus on 2023, allowing you to offer a competitive plan that stays within budget.

Slowing down can cause you to deviate, which can be hard to recover from

Setting your plan and putting it on the shelf following renewal season may seem like the easy thing to do, but if you wait six or more months before considering your employee benefits again, you could be missing out on opportunities to enhance your plan and unlock cost-savings advantages.

Continuing to move ahead at full speed takes time and dedication, but we can help.

Our process is unique and thorough. We look at your benefits as a Healthcare spectrum. First, we establish goals that are ideal for our clients. Then we begin the education process for what will come next, which are the highest value items to pursue.

The education process occurs in the first two quarters and is used to establish decisions that will come for Q3 and Q4. We bring in the right partners, we talk about the pros and cons of these decisions and we answer all of the questions our clients have.

Don’t settle for less when your employees are in question

If you are not a client of ours, you should expect this quality of care from your advisor. They should be able to provide you with the visibility you need by highlighting key points to consider so you can make the best decisions for your people and company.

These points will vary from business to business, however you need to keep your foot on the pedal in order to produce the most advantageous outcomes. 

Sometimes an in-depth look into your plan’s administrator is needed. This can reveal how your staff are navigating the healthcare system. How they are selecting high quality providers and if they are getting their prescription needs met.

New technologies, platforms, communication tools and personalized options are made available everyday. Your administrator should be moving forward towards these tools and opportunities to allow your people to get the most out of their benefits.

Remember to think outside of the silo — there’s a lot going on out there

There are several common missteps when employers are considering their employee benefits plan which are:

  • Delaying. Don’t wait too long to begin your benefits strategy, creating an effective benefits plan that supports your people while keeping costs low takes time.
  • Not weighing the pros and cons fully. Cost-savings, tax advantages, legal compliance, affordability are just a few aspects of your plan that need to be examined closely.
  • Being afraid of change. Executing changes can feel overwhelming, but could be crucial in unlocking an efficient benefits program. 
  • Shortcutting the education process. Your people need to know how to navigate their benefits. Implementing benefits training and education sessions throughout the year will work towards a fully utilized plan. 
  • Evaluating benefits decisions in a silo. Your benefits should reflect your holistic business mission. They should adapt with the changing needs of your workforce. If you care about your employees, your benefits program can represent that. 
  • Not involving the whole leadership team in your benefits strategy. Just like other areas of business, team leaders need to be involved in company and project strategy for success, your benefits should be no different.

Continuing to go the distance with your benefits plan during the course of the year will help you achieve the value you need — an effective program that your people can appreciate, while staying on budget. 

To get the most out for your employee benefits plan you need to maintain your momentum and reach your goals. Develop a strategy that evaluates your plan’s effectiveness on a recurring basis.

Now is not the time to take your foot off the gas for your employee benefits strategy. If you need help with this, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Do You Want What’s Best for Your Employees?

Your staff is one of the most important aspects of your school. For this reason alone, when it comes to your employee benefits, you need to make the right choices and decisions for them. 

Often, we choose to make quick, easy decisions in our daily lives and if we apply this technique to our employee benefits we could be doing our staff a major injustice. Yes, the healthcare industry is confusing and complicated but if you don’t focus and prioritize the benefits you offer, you cannot say with confidence that you’re providing the benefits your staff actually requires.

You need to start asking yourself if you really want what is best for your employees. In modern business, there is no acceptable way to answer this question with a simple “No”. However, there is room for uncertainty.  If your answer is yes, but you’re unsure how to proceed, you are still headed in the right direction. 

Health insurance can be difficult, but your people deserve the effort.

Knowing what’s best.

Currently, employees are bankrupted by health insurance costs. Some are receiving low quality care, they are being sent to collections, and they are confused. All of these concerns equate to a workforce that may have a difficult time focusing on what matters most, the students. 

If you really want what’s best for your people, you need to actively try to solve these issues. There’s a call for us to try. Although making changes to your benefits plan is not always easy, you don’t want your people in medical debt. With a poor surgeon or a bad health outcome.

Some key areas to begin your focus are:

  • Education. Your employees might not understand how your benefits work, what they are eligible for, or even how to apply. By educating employees about their benefits — new hires and continuously throughout their employment — they will have a better understanding of what’s being offered to them.
  • Plan ahead. Set a schedule and assess your timing. Know when to address your benefits plan and address it regularly, especially before renewal season begins. Don’t avoid or delay this process.
  • Revenue options. Your spend can do more than you think. By analyzing your data you can gain insight about where your money is going and if you are getting a return on your investment. 
  • Communicate with your leadership team. They may have concerns that need to be addressed such as employee engagement, retention or absenteeism.
  • Communication with your people. Your employees are a reliable source of knowledge, only they can tell you what they need and if the benefits are working for them.

We can argue that some of the best things in life are difficult to achieve. We can also argue that some of the best places to work are those who fight for their employees. We need to support our people, now more than ever. Medical debt is a growing concern in America and your teachers and staff are not immune.

Doing what’s best.

Employee benefits are there to protect your people. They are also a big part of your business’s costs, which should make them a priority to the school. If your plan is not set up to provide the best for your employees, there could be hidden revenue that could be put back into the school in a more meaningful way. 

Your staff are crucial to the success of your school board, you need to make sure they are taken care of to the best of your ability. If you need help, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.