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Teachers make up a large portion of the American workforce and with 18% of the teaching population over fifty five, many are approaching the age of retirement, an age that comes with a variety of emotions and concerns.

A large portion of those over fifty five may also have elderly parents to care for. The balancing act of teaching, preparing for retirement and caring for a loved one can carry a significant impact on work performance, causing stress and a disconnect from the workplace. 

The emotional and financial stress caused by these significant life stages can affect not only the teachers, but students, support staff and the school board. Taking a proactive approach to manage the stress your teachers experience is essential. 

By viewing your benefits plan as more than an insurance policy and using it to educate and protect your employees, you can work towards relieving stress to a large degree.  


Retirement is something that will occur for all teachers and staff within the school board, one of the rare circumstances in business that can be said with certainty. Everyone will eventually reach an age where they start to consider retiring and some may have the additional responsibility of caring for aging family members. 

The importance of creating a stress free environment within your organization is essential, as there could be implications for students within the school board. Providing a benefits plan designed with your people in mind can alleviate the stress that comes with the transition to retirement, allowing teachers to focus on the classroom. 

Supporting the aging population with a benefits plan designed for your people shows you care about them and promotes a positive work environment. 


Variables such as a 403b plan, social security, pensions and Medicare coverage make retirement for teachers a unique challenge. There are many decisions that need to be made and if you can help your staff navigate those choices, the entire school board can benefit. 

By providing educational material, training and workshops to highlight the resources available for retirement preparation, you can not only help employees navigate retirement and long term care plans, but also ensure the plan is being fully utilized. After all, no one benefits from an unused plan, especially your people.

In addition to programs and material presented within the school, extending the opportunity for education and guidance about benefits plans to outside sources can be very helpful.


A gym teacher who coaches football players may need the advice, expertise and knowledge from outside specialists and educators. If students seem disconnected or unfocused, consultations with these professionals are usually set up and after speaking to the right advisor, students can return to the team and are able to better focus on the game.

The same metaphor can be applied to the inner workings of the school board. Teachers and staff who are worried about approaching retirement or distracted by caring for a loved one can experience more absenteeism and decreased productivity, which can affect the students and the school. Employees who receive guidance from professionals can empower them to make smart decisions and eliminate stress and distractions.

That’s where we come in. As experts in health insurance and with partners in benefit plans, we position ourselves as advisors that can offer professional guidance. We teach, train, and problem solve alongside your teachers, so you and your teachers can continue to focus on what matters most, our future citizens. 


Providing guidance for your employees about their benefits plans, with a focus on the aging demographic, is a valuable strategy for your school. Bringing ease from the difficulties of navigating retirement and long term care options for loved ones can change the dynamic of your school board and create a culture that your employees value.

When you begin conversations about navigating health insurance, benefits, Medicare and retirement you begin to enhance employee experience by showing your people you truly want the best for them.

The decisions and choices your staff face can be confusing and overwhelming and with almost a quarter of your school board reaching the age of retirement, the importance of a well structured benefits plan to support them is essential.