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Offering healthcare insurance is an important decision for any business. Designed with your organization’s unique qualities in mind, your plan needs to protect the health and wellbeing of your people and their families. Ideally, offering the best coverage available, while aligning with your organization’s financial goals.

For many small churches and Christian schools, the importance of optimizing every benefit dollar is essential. Even small increases in costs can mean dramatic changes for these organizations. To recover from unexpected expenses churches need to rely on an increase in donations or look for alternative sources of income and schools often need to increase tuition, which directly affects the families and students who attend.

You need flexibility in your benefits program.

Some churches are being led incorrectly by advisors who feel restricted by rules and regulations that other businesses need to adhere to. These advisors may not be aware that churches have certain regulations that don’t apply to them, or if they are aware, they don’t want to put in the effort to make those changes. This is an area that is often overlooked, that flexibility needs to become a reality for these churches.

Your advisor needs to know the variables that come into play when designing an insurance plan for your church or school. For example, some schools will pay teachers throughout the summer, while others don’t. This can impact policies and payrolls. It is critical your advisor understands these intricacies ahead of time.

When expanding into full benefits your advisor should be familiar with regulations for disability policies, enhanced benefits, cost-sharing options, and more. These options are very unique to schools and churches and need to be strategically planned and implemented. 

In these types of environments where your culture or mission is what attracts your workforce, not necessarily your payroll, it is important to ensure you know your options.

We have talked with schools where their families are paying $2000 a month in insurance because the organization has tried to go the route of a traditional business. That’s $24,000, when they may only make $30,000 a year in salary. This is unsustainable, unreasonable and can impact your organization’s ability to retain and recruit top talent. 

You need long-term solutions for your people. 

You need to work with an advisor that knows your organization from the ground up, that can come in from your standpoint. You need an advisor who knows your organization’s financial status and can help ensure you are offering the most appropriate, effective, and affordable benefits to your people. 

Specialty advisors, like us, know how churches, Christian schools, and universities work. We can recommend unique solutions to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions for you and your employees. Solutions that can: 

  • Help protect your organization from the effects of unexpected cost increases.
  • Provide transparency so you can take back control of your healthcare spend.
  • Generate cost savings that can be used for your school, teachers, church, and/or community.
  • Create competitive benefits programs that work for your unique workforce, while maintaining affordability.
  • Support you and your people in every aspect of the program, so you can focus on teaching the next generation.

Your mission is important. 

The value of working with someone that has a similar mind and framework is unmeasurable. Tactically speaking, any advisor can figure out the system. They can offer a complete health insurance program for your organization, but if they don’t truly understand the nuts and bolts of your church or school, can you trust they are doing everything they can to protect your mission? 

We understand your finances and understand what your people go through on a day-to-day basis. Your benefits should be as unique as your organization.

We can create an ecosystem that helps you at every turn, we plan for the future and take care of the present so you can focus on helping your people and leading your organization.