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Speak to an adviser 1 (317) 522-9966

A New Operations Resource: Your Health Care Partner

COVID-19 created dozens of unexpected challenges for schools over the last year. Every day, school leaders face a long list of questions: How do we transition to online classes? When can we safely manage in-person classes again? Are we protecting our students and staff well enough? Managing these concerns has pushed Administrators, Directors of Finance, and Headmasters to expand their job descriptions and tackle problems they may have never thought possible. We’ve seen these leaders juggle so many responsibilities in recent months, we often joke they deserve an honorary degree in Operations! With so many competing concerns during a deadly worldwide pandemic, your health care plan should be a non-issue. Now, more than ever, schools should lean on their health care advisors to keep their plans running smoothly. 

Lean On Your Advisor

If you’re paying for health care services, you deserve results. Demand them. Work closely with your benefits advisor to extract as much information, guidance, and assistance as possible through the pandemic and beyond. 

By leveraging the skills and knowledge of your health care advisor, you unlock numerous benefits, including:  

1. A dedicated team. At City on a Hill, we strive to become an extension of our clients. Whether you partner with us or someone else, you should demand the same sort of attention. You deserve an expert who’s completely invested in your success—especially in the middle of a pandemic when your talents are best spent ensuring your school remains open. When you have questions, ask. You’ll save yourself many hours of research and frustration by consulting with a professional instead of trying to find an answer yourself. We’ve seen teams sink more than 100 hours each year into pursuing new insurance options each year. Your advisor is there to help! 

2. Smoother business. When executed properly, your health care plan may actually assist in your other operations. By working with your advisor to address runaway costs within your health plan, you control expenses and save funding to spend on other areas of the school. Similarly, by optimizing your plan to improve access to better care, employees receive greater health outcomes and remain strong throughout the pandemic to keep classes on-schedule, regardless of whether they’re online or in-person.

3. Optimized communication. Your advisor is an expert in your plan details. Leverage their knowledge to benefit your team and staff members. Your advisor likely has worked with dozens of schools before, so ask them about the best strategies they’ve seen and used for disseminating critical plan information as efficiently as possible. As the pandemic drags on, employees may have questions about coverage for COVID-19 testing or similar medical procedures. Your advisor can help! 

By outsourcing the most complicated parts of your plan, you free yourself to focus on what you do best: Running your school. 

Free Yourself to Focus on Your Talents

Now is the time to lean on your advisor. As you and the rest of your team juggle dozens of unexpected challenges sparked by the pandemic, rely on your advisor to optimize your health plan. While you focus on keeping your school open and operating efficiently, your advisor ensures your plan remains affordable and effective for all staff members who need it.